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About the Counseling And Career Center


Counseling  And  Career Center,

a cozy corner of the soul

Sometimes, our life will encounter some obstacles and difficulties, and our minds will also lose their direction or  feeling    stuck.

The Counseling  And    Career Center is  a resource for you. Here, a group of professional teachers are willing to provide you with support and assistance, and accompany you on a journey through interviews and creations, so that you can live a better life.

We also provide a variety of themed activities, including growth groups , psychological tests , and lectures , to provide you with more opportunities for self-growth, to help you understand yourself better, cherish yourself, and be more capable of loving others and learning in life .

There are warm and comfortable individual consultation rooms and group consultation rooms in the center, as well as a leisure area where you can read and relax freely.

In addition, in order to reduce the learning gap between students with physical or psychological defects, the center’s resource classroom provides support and assistance for the healthy development of schoolwork, life, and psychology for the school’s students with disabilities ( also known as “smart students” ) .

If you have nothing to do, you are welcome to sit in the counseling center, relax and read magazines and books like home, sit down and have a cup of tea and chat

|Counseling service content|

Individual consultation, group consultation, psychological test, psychological consultation, promotion of mental health activities, crisis management

|Career development service content|

Career exploration activities ( including employment lectures, workplace visits, interview experience series of activities ) , examination series of activities (including further education, study abroad, public employment and certificates), UCAN promotion and implementation / testing management, planning and promotion of E-porfolio series of activities , Formulate the school's off-campus internship methods and internship procedures, and handle internship-related business

|Service Hours|

Monday to Friday 9:00-21:00 (adjusted according to school regulations during winter and summer vacations)

|Contact phone|


[Consultation and Counseling Service] Transfer: 2331 , 2392 , 2393 , 2334 , 2390

【Career Development Service】 Ext.: 2381

[Resource Classroom Service] Transfer: 2398 , 2399

|Central location|

Student Activity Center 5th Floor

|Central Mailbox|

Contact email: psyguide@ncnu.edu.tw

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